• Thanks for bringing your child to our office. We consider it a privilege for our team to have the opportunity of providing you with the best dental care possible in a child friendly environment.

    All of the members of our team have had years of experience treating children. Every child, though, is different. If you have some special thoughts or questions about your child, please feel free to let us know.

    It is part of our practice philosophy to allow parents to be with their child in the operatory before or during treatment. This allows for increased understanding of your child’s dental needs and the means necessary to provide that care.

    We will make every effort to keep our appointments on schedule. Challenges to that commitment occur on a daily basis as some children require additional attention based on their own individual background of experience.

    We want to be fair to all of our patients. We ask that you work with us in scheduling your child’s appointment. If you have had a morning appointment you will have the option of an afternoon appointment for your next scheduled visit.

    Payment is expected when services are rendered and can be made by cash, check or credit card. There will be a $20 charge for any returned checks. If an account becomes delinquent for more than 90 days, it may be referred to an outside collection agency. You will be responsible for any additional fees associated with the collection process, including attorney fees and court cost.

    Should you have dental insurance, please check with our front office staff. We do not accept all insurance policies. Most insurance policies will only cover a portion of the fees. You will be responsible to pay your portion on the day that services are rendered. If we do not accept your policy, we will provide you with a receipt for services rendered for you to attach to the claim form provided by your insurance carrier. Insurance companies requiring multiple claims for payment may result in an insurance filing fee added to your statement balance.

    Failure to give 24-hour notice may result in a broken appointment fee being added to your account balance.

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